A collaborative platform through mutual funds to promote corporate good governance and anti-corruption. THAI CG Funds is a joint effort between the capital market, civil society, academia, and shareholders.Consisting of 10 mutual funds which manage over 90% of the total market value, THAI CG Funds have 10 mutual funds under its umbrella. Each mutual fund is managed independently. They invest in the listed companies which are rated very good and excellent (CG rating score 4-5) by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) and certified by the Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption (Thai CAC).


"A collaborative platform for mutual fund investments which gives satisfactory business returns with strong social impacts on corporate good governance and anti-corruption"


"Thai CG Funds invests in equity instruments of listed companies with high governance standards in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The companies need to have very-good and excellent CG rating scores as well as being certified members of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption (Thai CAC). The Thai CG Funds gives 40% of its fund management fees to support anti-corruption activities in the country"

Key Stakeholders

Individual and institutional investors

As supporters of listed companies with good governance and as patrons of social
purpose organisations through fund management fees.

10 Asset management companies

As managers of Thai CG funds which enablesthe money market and investors to connect withsocial organisations to improve society.

Social intermediary organisations

As recruiters, screeners, and planners which also coordinate and monitor the progress and
outputs of the projects supported by THAI CG Funds.

Anti-corruption organisations and projects

As recipients of funding from THAI CG Funds.

2022 Outputs - Outcomes of Thai CG Funds


4 projects

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7 persons

Partner Organisations

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10 orgs


256 persons


34,998 persons

Total Public Donations

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