BKIND Mutual Fund is a fundraising platform in the money market to foster a giving society. Under BKIND, the investors’ “donations” will be used to help people in need. BKIND is a collaboration between BBL Asset Management Company Limited, ChangeFusion Institute under the Thai Reconstruction Movement Foundation under Royal Patronage, Yuvabadhana Foundation, and Khonthai Foundation.


Financial investment with both monetary returns and social good to strengthen the environment, society, corporate good governance, and anti-corruption.


  • To invest in listed companies that are committed to environmental protection, social well-being,corporate good governance, and anti-corruption (ESGC). The aim is to give investors both monetary and social investment in environmental protection, social well-being, corporate good governance and anti-corruption.
  • To encourage donations from the capital market to assist people in need and give them a future. The contributions will also go to support social development efforts for the environment, social well-being, good governance, and anti-corruption.

Key Stakeholders

Individual and institutional investors

As supporters of ESGC listed companies and social projects through mutual fund management fees.

BBL Asset Management Company Limited

As manager of the mutual fund to connect the capital market and shareholders with social development projects.

Social intermediary organisations

As panels in charge of recruiting, screening, improving, and monitoring the progress and
outputs of the social projects eligible for support from the mutual fund.

Social purpose projects

As funding recipients to support their target groups’livelihoods and a more secure future.


2023 Outputs - Outcomes of BKIND


5 Projects

Partner Organisations

5 Orgs


21,429 Persons

Total Public Donations

3.94 MB