Collaboration for Good Society Platform pursues various social development issues to address the gross disparity, such as in education and employment for people with disabilities, and to promote a better quality of life for children, youths, and the elderly. The platform connects civil society groups with needed resources such as human resources, networks, funding, and other support to facilitate their operations so they can systematically mobilise social change with effective social impacts.


"Social synergy for an active, well-being society"


"Building and expanding networks of active citizens for public goods"

Key Stakeholders

Catalyst is an intermediary organisation, which forges collaboration between partner organisations that work on  specific thematic areas and across different areas, including:

– Education – LEARN Corporation Co., Ltd.
– Health and well-being- Reorientated Holistic Health Delivery Institution
– Governance – Hand Social Enterprise, Co.,Ltd.
– Social Investment – Change Venture, Co., Ltd. 

The Good Society Network drives social changes in various areas.

Contributing partner organisations and volunteers

2023 Outputs - Outcomes of Collaboration for Good Society


34 Projects


2,715 Persons

Active citizens

4,157 Persons

Total Public Donations

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1,246 Persons


39,775 Persons