A platform to strengthen media ethical standards through mutual agreement on the principles of being factual, accurate, independent, fair, straight-forward, and free from conflicts of interests. Media for Social Justice Fund is a collaboration between Change Venture Co Ltd and the Khonthai Foundation to lift media professional standards and foster media transparency, accountability, and media pursuit of truth to create positive change in society. The fund also aims to equip the new media and young media professionals with necessary resources so their media work has a wider impact as part of a social movement for change. The fund also supports the media’s efforts for business sustainability amid disruptions in the media landscape.


"Investment for sustainable media landscape"


Support and invest to build a media ecosystem in pursuit of truth, accuracy and social justice. The goal is to support quality media so they are professionally strong to report the truth, investigate important social issues, and remain the voices for the people.

Key stakeholders

Reporters and news organisations as recipients of support in their pursuit for issue-based and investigative reporting as well as in capacity development.

Social intermediary organisations as recruiters and screeners of the recipients as well as being responsible for planning and monitoring project progress and outputs.

Projects/organisations promoting media’s ethical standards as fund recipients.

People and end-beneficiaries as participants in the process to give and receive information for greater transparency in society.