Thailand has been ranked as one of the countries with the highest rate of gross disparity in the world as the country is faced with various complex social issues. The public is also seldom informed about such circumstances. This means their participation and collaboration in addressing such issues are lacking. The world is faced with many forms of uncertainties and challenges, which certainly cannot be addressed individually by one sector nor a single group of individuals. Therefore, it would be necessary to create a systematic change by mobilising collaboration from all sectors and groups to successfully reduce disparities in society.

Objectives and the Organisation’s Roles in the Ecosystem

Khonthai Foundation aims to create a participatory ecosystem that drives “social change”. The Foundation acts a “supporter” that coordinates efforts through its networks and partnerships to tackle various social problems. It mobilises collaboration from all the people of Thailand and stakeholders from all sectors so that they could support each other in addressing issues related to disparities in order to promote a well-being in society.

“Khonthai Foundation” is a social service organisation for a sustainable society. We believe that in our big and complex society full of diversity, effective solutions require collaboration from all sectors. We are working closely with intermediary organisations which are mobilising change in a variety of issues. Our goal is to empower “active citizens” so they can systematically take part in creating social changes for the common good through our “Collaboration for Good Society Platform”, a coordinating body that collaborates with different partner organisations.

“Khonthai Foundation” also runs the “Social Investment Platforms” established through a collaboration among businesses, social enterprises, a network of social entrepreneurs, and the public. The platforms include www.taejai.com, BKIND Mutual Fund, Thai CG Fund, and the Media for Social Justice Fund, which provide necessary funding to enhance the efficiency of various social projects and mechanisms. Our Social Communication for  Change is a platform that engages with mass media outlets and media influencers, as well as new media platforms. The platform aims to amplify social impact and foster sustainable development in collaboration with partner organisations towards an end goal of creating a well-being society.


“Social synergy for an active,well-being society”


  • Creating active citizens network for public good
  • Creating participatory platforms to tackle social problems
  • Mobilising resources for beneficiaries through collaborative platforms
    – Funding – Volunteers – Knowledge – Networking – Medias

Platforms and Partner Organisations

Collaboration for Good Society

1. Catalyst

  • Education
  • Governance
  • Health and well-being
  • Social Investment

2. Good Society Network

3. Contributing Partner Organisations

4. Volunteers

Social Investment Platforms

1. www.taejai.com

2. BKIND Mutual Fund

3. THAI CG Fund

4. Media for Social Justice Fund

Social Communication for Change

1. News Agency

2. Online Media

3. People Media/Influencer

4. Academic Departments in Journalism

5. Professional Organisation in Medias

Key Stakeholders

  • Partner organisations (civic groups, intermediary organisations)
  • Donors (organisations and individuals)
  • Beneficiaries
  • Volunteers
  • Mass Media (publisher and influencer)
  • Foundation staff

Total 2023 Collaborative Impact

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